Stay Fit With This Must-Have Home Gym Equipment

Stay Fit With This Must-Have Home Gym Equipment

As the winter days come closer and the weather gets colder, many people find it much more preferable to forgo the trip to their gyms and just curl up on the couch. Of course, this is exactly what you should not do, especially if you are currently struggling with excess pounds and fat. Do not think your fitness should suffer just because you cannot visit your gym on a regular basis. These days, it is quite easy to turn your living room, basement, or even a small apartment into a well-equipped and organized studio. And, to do that, all you need is some effort, a little bit of money, and, of course, the following must have home gym equipment.

Must-have home gym equipment

A jump rope

34567ytrIf you haven’t had the pleasure to jump rope ever since you were a child, consider doing so again. Not only is it tons of fun but also an amazing cardio exercise too. If you are new to this exercise, get a fairly durable rope and pay no attention to the details. If you do have some skills, look for a weighted rope or a wire lightweight one.


These are great for traveling and for home gym use. Rings are typically lightweight and can add plenty of variety to your regular home workouts by adding some gymnastic exercises. When looking to make a purchase, get a model that is easy to handle and light.

Medicine ball

A traditional tool for core strength movements and plyometric exercises, a medicine ball should be an essential part of your home gym. Whether you are performing abdominal exercises with it, carrying it, or throwing it, you can benefit from a medicine ball in a myriad of ways. If you are a beginner, look for a soft medicine ball, which is much more forgiving when doing catching and throwing exercises.


Dumbbells are a no brainer. The range of exercises you can do with these is almost endless. When on the lookout for dumbbells, pay attention to the hex-shaped ones, preferably with black rubber coating. These are known to be the most comfortable and to last the longest. Get between 3 and five sets in a range of weights for different exercises and your higher strength levels.

Pull up bar

Yes, a pull-up bar is mainly designed for pull ups. However, there are many more basic gymnastic exercises you can perform in case you have a sturdy pull up bar in your home. Even though you could easily find a pull-up bar system designed for doorways, you will be better off with a system designed for an archway. If you are still struggling with your pull-ups, make sure to purchase some resistance bands for extra assistance.567utrye5w


Since kettlebells are fairly similar to the dumbbells, many people consider the former ones not essential. While the majority of kettlebell movements can be done with dumbbells, some unique movements can be only done with kettlebells. Also, some movements are simply more challenging and effective with kettlebells as well. Since they can enhance your workout routines, you should add these to your home gym. For the best results, look for the models without the painted coating and with large smooth handles.…